What Do You See - Session 2

Welcome back to session 2 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. We ended the day with you taking a look at the amount of time you spend on your business versus the amount of time in your business. How did you do? Many people that I work with when we do this find out that most of their time is spent in the business but in reality, they would rather spend time on their business. Now, if you have the same feeling we will spend the next couple of sessions giving you tools to help you do this. However, before we get too deep today I want to take this session to take you back to when you started your business or took your position. Today's lesson is on "why".

Before diving into the tools to move your business forward we need to do a bit of baselining. Think back to when you started or wanted to start the business. Why did you want to do this? What was your goal/ambition/desire that moved you in this direction? What did it feel like, smell like and taste like? Seems silly but what was the overall feeling. Close your eyes and think back to it.

The why of what you do is probably one of, if not the most important thing that drives you. Having a well defined why get's you up in the morning, drives you through the day and gives you the energy to continue to move despite obstacles, setbacks, and self-doubt.

Take time today and spend 15 minutes, and think about your why. Write it down. We will build on this in later sessions but I want you to keep this with you.

1.) When things are great, look at it and remember this.
2.) When things are bad, remember why you are in the business/service.
3.) When things are really looking dismal, you feel like an utter and complete failure at each and everything you do, look at it and then stand up, chest out, feet firmly planted. You have a purpose, a reason for being and a gift and ability that only you have.

The only one that can take that away is the person you give it to.

Tomorrow we will focus on the visioning the future.


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