Todays Impact Minute: Monday Morning

Well, you made it and Monday morning is here. Were you excited to get up and conquer the world (you got an extra hour of sleep due to daylight savings time)? Were you looking at the potential improvement and opportunity to raise the bar on your productivity, that of your team, or that of the organization? Or did you deep down inside already predict what the week was going to be like (issues you will face, another long 50 hr + week of the same old same old ) and wish it would get better?

Is this what you wanted to wake up to today, or is there more out there? There is, right?

Impact Moment:
Well, we have always heard the old saying about doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. So, why do we do that in our personal lives, careers, and businesses yet expect a different result? Well, why don't we end that today and do it a little different than last week?

No matter your position at a company, there is more out there. There are new ways to do things and most of all, things can get better but the reality is they don't just magically appear or do so by running harder without changing the trajectory of your effort. The great part of this is that you are not a tree, planted where you are at today. If you don't like the situation you can move to make it better.

Impact Action:
Take one thing that has been stuck in a rut over the last few weeks and truly define the dissatisfaction you have. Make a plan (on paper) of the issue, where it needs to be and then the steps you are going to take today, tomorrow and over the next week to make a "FocalPoint" to take action and move the needle. Sign and date the document and commit to achieving your plan. You can do it, but the change starts with you!

Personal Comment:
The reason I love the job of coaching is that this is not about things just being bad but is about change and improvement. It is about meeting the people, leaders, and businesses where they are at in their journey and giving them tools, resources, and information to reduce stress and uncertainty to ultimately help move them to the next level. Just like going to the gym and working with a trainer, clients see a much faster result to their goal, are able to do things better than before, and actually, exceed their original expectations. So if a trainer at the gym can have that impact on our personal lives, what impact could a coach have on our business?

If you are interested in a meeting where you are (either as a person, leader or a business) and talking about doing more, I would love to connect with you and learn more. You can connect with me at sbrown@focalpointcoaching to discuss more and start changing the trajectory.

Are you ready for a change?


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