What Do You See - Session 9

Welcome back to session 9 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's final session focuses on delegation.

How well do you delegate tasks? How well do the people you delegate to think you delegate? Are they the same? Do you find that when you delegate something it ends up back on your to-do list?

Ever consider that delegation is a process and a skill that you can improve?
What does it cost you in time, lost production and morale when delegation fails?

As a leader, your time is very valuable. If you take every task, you will never get everything done. If you are delegating to your team, they need to be set for success, and that responsibility is up to you. When you delegate you must delegate more than the task, but delegate the job, set clear expectations and deadlines and maintain accountability.

On the other side, if you are being delegated to, are you set for success? Follow the following simple yet effective tips to help improve your ability to delegate.

1.) Define exactly what you are delegating and that you will delegate. This may sound simple but it is much more difficult than you think.
2.) Clearly define objectives of what you need to accomplish and by when.
3.) Identify the person to delegate to.
4.) When delegating take into consideration their level of experience with the task. Make sure that your delegation style matches the person. Give them enough information and direction to be successful. Too much information decreases morale, too little information leaves them isolated. You need "just the right" amount of information to effectively delegate.
5.) Keep in communication with them but don't micro-manage. Encourage them to own issues and problems as well as learning how to solve them. Don't be a victim of "boomerang delegation" where the task comes back to you. It never comes back to you in the same shape as it was handed off.
6.) Recognize the successes and leverage this to build trust and respect with you and your team.

If you are the person being delegated to, follow the process to help the person delegating to you be effective so that you are set-up for success. If you find that you are missing information, be proactive to work with the person to help clear up any misconceptions and in turn help them help you be successful.

I hope you have enjoyed the series and have found tools to help you be more effective as a business leader.


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