What Do You See - Session 8

Welcome back to session 8 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's session focuses on how coaching your staff.

While you may not think about it, coaching your staff is one of the most vital roles you play as a leader and a manager. Some see coaching as something to be done with lower performers, but in reality, we should be coaching all of our staff, including the middle tier and high performers. Why would we do that, they are not the problem you might say. Well, let's break that down.

A study from Gallop in 2017 stated 31% of staff were engaged, 52% were not engaged, and 17% were actively disengaged. Imagine if you moved some of the 52% from not engaged to engaged what would that buy your company in regards to improved efficiency, higher engagement, higher productivity, lower cost, etc. Do I have your attention?

Continuing with this, if you compare performance or organizations with lower to higher engagement scores here is the impact. Imagine if you could get 10% higher customer metrics, 17% higher productivity, 20% higher sales, 21% higher profitability, 41% lower absenteeism, 24-59% lower turnover, 70% fewer safety incidents, and 40% fewer quality issues just by increasing your engagement. Put some actual dollar signs on this and tell me that getting your team more engaged can't have a positive impact.

The reality is we all need coaching to help us improve, even business coaches because the game continually changes. We face situations we have not encountered before; we have to grow and expand our capability and competency every day. Have you had the thought of there has to be a better way to do this? I wish I could understand more about this? Why does this continually happen to me?

We already work on lower performers to bring them up to our standard, but often leave the middle and high performers alone and just expect them to figure it out. However, if we were to actively and intentionally coaching them to improve, what is the potential that could be unlocked? Coaching is a process to help develop depth and breadth of your team. Coaching takes on many styles but the intent is to help them to improve by giving them the tools, resources, and experience to take on new challenges, learn to solve problems and make a positive impact on the organization.

As part of your ongoing process for developing yourself and your staff take time to help coach and mentor your staff. Learn how to coach your team to help drive improved engagement. Never focus on just the negative but emphasize both on the positive and on areas for improvement. Be specific and partner with them on ways to improve. Help them learn to solve problems independently using the right tools and resources. Invest in their ability to expand and grow in depth and breadth of their roles. Challenge them to do and achieve more than they thought they can.

Our final session will be on delegation and the importance of doing it effectively.


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