What Do You See - Session 6

Welcome back to session 6 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's session focuses on the importance of your time and how to avoid common time wasters.

Time is the one thing you can't get back or get more of. It is imperative that you maximize your time to help you be successful at what you do and to make sure that the things you do are the most important.

Simply put, you have three buckets of time you can use. The first is work, the second is personal/family and the last one is rest. More time than not we borrow from the last two to add more to the first. This results in less time with your family and a healthy (or maybe not so healthy) dose of caffeine to keep you going.

Another point is you have to guard your time. No one else will and if you are not guarding what goes on your to-do list or your schedule, it will quickly be consumed by items that are not important.

I have a couple of items for the toolkit to help you along your way.
1.) List, categorize and prioritize. Most people do the first and the last, but categorize? The principle on this is that to categorize things that must be done, should be done, could be done later, need to be done by someone else and not be done at all. Do this and then prioritize to make sure that you are working on the important thing FIRST.
2.) Block time in your day to work the list or certain task. The biggest waste of time in your schedule is going to be white space. I know that it seems counter-intuitive but if you think about how many times you had an hour or two with nothing on your plate how much did you really accomplish? Dedicate some of that time to key task to get them done.
3.) Along with # 3, block time for family and rest. If you have a hard time doing this, think about this as the most important use of your time. Make time (by assigning it first) in your schedule to make sure you spend time with those that are important to you as well as getting time to rest.

Our next session will focus on coaching and developing your staff.


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