What Do You See - Session 5

Welcome back to session 5 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's session focuses on the importance of goal setting.

Are your goals written down? Are they specific, measurable, aligned and actionable, relevant and time-bound? If you answered no to one or many of these questions we want to spend time today to discuss the importance of this and what it can cost you if you don't have these.

Writing things down, like goals is critical in any business and also in your personal life. Writing them down is when the goal starts to become real, relevant and alive. When something is in our head, it may be good but it is also just a thought. Transforming the thought into a real/tangible object is the first part of our activity.

The second part is how the goal is structured. If it is just "do better", "sell more" or "improve" those are too vague to really do anything with. In addition, if they are not aligned to your "why" as well as your mission/vision/values then you will also see that they also may be nearly impossible to achieve.

Today's toolkit item is to convert your goals into SMART goals. Each goal needs to have the following items:

1.) Specific - It needs to be pinpoint and defined. Also, consider it needs to be simple and easy to understand. Complex goals do not help us and we can actually spend more time defining what the goal is than working on achieving it. In this, also link it back to a mission/vision/value that helps reinforce why it is relevant.

2.) Measurable - Yep, you need to be able to measure it. If you can't go back and redefine the specific aspect. Measurements also need to be something everyone can understand and be simple.

3.) Actionable and aligned: A two-part "A" comment but understand that the goal must be something we can take action with as well as something that is aligned to our "why" and our mission/vision/values. if it is not then we need to review and redefine.

4.) Relevant - Another point and linking back to our "why" and mission/vision/values. If the goal is not relevant they why do we care and why are we using it. I may want to learn how to surf but if that is not part of our business it should not be part of our goals. Link the goal back to a mission/vision/value that helps reinforce why it is relevant.

5.) Time base/bound - It has to have a start and end date, no exceptions. If it is at the end of the year, you also need to put levels through the year you are expecting to be. If you don't you may end up at the end of the year missing your goals and scratching your head why.

Your action today is to take each of your goals and review them against this criteria.

In our next session, we will talk about delegation and time wasting as you start to move toward your goals.


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