What Do You See - Session 4

Welcome back to session 4 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's session focuses on the concepts self-limiting beliefs. We left our last session with you thinking about where you want to be and developing mission, vision, and values. So let me ask a question, can you see yourself actually getting there?

Lots of things happen in our lives that we don't plan for, didn't expect and in some cases even feel like we can't handle. The same is true in business. we spent the last couple of sessions developing the why and the mission/vision/values now to set our destination, now it is time to take the first step, believing that we can get there.

Wait, you mean our first step is not to plan or get on our way? You are absolutely correct! The outcome of any activity actually starts with our thoughts, not our actions. The concept of thinking and what we believe inside acts as a multiplier to our ability to accomplish many things in our lives. A strong thought about our ability to succeed coupled with a strong why and aligned mission/vision/values allows us to face each day and accomplish more than a negative thought or belief.

Today's toolkit needs to include belief and hope. While the topics are simple when you say them they sometimes require a lot of strength. Today I want you to add to your toolkit the belief in yourself, your why, your mission/vision and values. This belief is going to be the real fuel in the engine of your business to help you succeed.

Tomorrow, we are going to work on goal setting and action planning.


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