What Do you See - Session 3

Welcome back to session 3 of my series "What do you see?". Our focus is on helping business owners step back and take a different look at their business. Today's session focuses on the concepts of defining your goal and direction. We ended our last session about visioning the future. Today we start that process.

This will be in two parts. Part 1 will focus on your own mission/vision/values statements. The first may be quick if you already have them. Write your own personal mission, vision, and values statement. If you have this, great. Check it against your why and make sure it aligns. If it does, move to the second part of this exercise. If it doesn't follow along. Based on your why to write down your mission (how do you achieve your vision), vision (where you want to be in 5 years), values (traits, qualities) that are vital or important to your business. You This is the anchoring of all the activities we will do from this point on. Have someone read them and give you feedback. When you find them, you will know because they will fit, feel right and be in line with who you are.

Part 2: I want you to take a minimum of 30 minutes, alone and undisturbed. Think strictly on your why from our last session and vision what the company will look like. Negative thoughts and doubt have no place in this session either. I want you to put pen to paper and write this down. Sales volume, products, services, all of it. I want you to have such a clear vision that it seems real. Now continue to write this down until you have the image of where you are going to be.

Well, simply put if you don't know where you are going or why you are going there, seems like a pretty hopeless trip, correct? The same is true with business and our leadership. If you are not visioning and being passionate about it, who will? No one is outside making plans for you and no one is making a plan for your life. Don't believe me, ask? Get them to show you the plan they are making that is looking out for you and driving you forward.

We just added 4 tools to our toolkit. We had added "Why" before, now we are adding Mission/Vision/Values and we are developing a clear vision for where we are going to be.

Tomorrow's discussion will focus on concepts of self-limiting beliefs.


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