The Best Marketing You Can Have

Free marketing?

Who doesn’t want that? Well, the reality is it is there and not hard to get, but you may have to focus a bit. If you are interested, continue reading! If not, you should still read this (your competition is!)

Move past transactional based activities and focus on elevating your customer satisfaction to the next level. I posted a story last week that I read of a waitress at Olive Garden helping a family out by sitting, feeding and taking care of their little one while they got to enjoy a night out (check out my LinkedIn site if you didn't see it). The waitresses motive wasn’t for recognition but was one of genuine compassion. She went beyond her job and met their need allowing them to an enjoyable night out. The result was a ton of praise for this person and a lot of free marketing with people remembering the great experiences they had. Want to think about how busy that restaurant got after that post? More so, where do you think that family will be going the next time they go out?

I am not saying to do it just for the free marketing, but do it because it is the right thing to do. The company had to value this enough to let her take care of that families child while they ate. They probably had also to cover her other customers and not pull her from the table. This is where culture moves beyond paper to living it in a real-world application.

Do you meet or exceed, and be honest? With the intense competition out there this is a great way to build your business, customer loyalty and a strong reputation. Assess where you are at and start taking one step today to move forward with you and your team. Oh, and just in case you already exceed your customer's expectations, think about moving to the next level of delighting your customers, because your competition is already heading there.

Remember, there are never traffic jams on the extra mile. – Brian Tracy


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