Take a moment


As we start the week, I wanted to ask you to take a minute and do an exercise with me.

First, I want you to close your eyes.

Now, take a deep breath. Inhale.........Hold......Exhale....... and relax.

For just a moment, nothing is going on around you. There are no issues that you need to address, no e-mails that need your attention, no urgent meetings that need to happen well past when you should be going home. Now, take this moment and think about where your business could be. What could your business be doing? What should your business be doing? What types of products and services would you be working on to advance your company and your competitive advantage? Which customers would you be contacting to foster the relationship, or better yet, be building a new one?

Now, open your eyes.

How did this feel? Did the creative juices start flowing? Did you have one or two ideas pop into your mind? So, when was the last time you did this? If it has been awhile, or even if you have never had the time to do this what if you could?

Part of coaching is working with businesses and leaders to make the "What if we" statement become a "When we started" action. If you are ready please contact me so we can connect.

Remember, the difference between the two is just taking the first step.

Are you ready?


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