Relevant Today to Irrelevant Tomorrow - Part 7 - Series Finale

Welcome back to the final part of this series. Our topic today focuses on rewarding for performance. While the concept is not new, the methods you use could actually be hurting you and causing you to be irrelevant. Let me explain.

In days of old, almost everyone was motivated by money. Cash was loved by all and was a great motivator to get things done. Stay late, make more money. Work over the weekend, make more money. Miss a holiday, make more money. But, if you haven't been staying up with the times, money may not be the motivator for employees.

We then transitioned over to feeding them. Pizza party for doing a good job, hitting the quarterly goals, working the extended hours resulted in your favorite pizza pie for you and the team that you worked with. But again, if you don't listen you could actually be doing more harm than good.

One of the more recent Gallup surveys showed that while 48% of the Millennial Generation said this was extremely important there are other knobs that can be more impactful (1). The reality is if you are not switching things up with them to keep them engaged you actually are becoming irrelevant. Let me as you the following:

1.) When rewarding the employees, do you have a couple of options they can choose from to get them more engaged? Maybe a gift certificate to a couple of locations that are not just food?

2) Do you offer time off to allow them to do something with their family during their normal work hours?

3.) Have you ever actually asked them what type/kind of reward or recognition they would like? Maybe like getting movie tickets for their entire family to go see a popular movie, activity at a local museum/zoo, or some other thing that enables them to share things with their family?

If you answered no to one or more (maybe all 3) then I encourage you to start Monday fresh and start asking questions. Your team is what helps you accomplish your goals. If you are not taking care of them, with lower unemployment and a high number of people already looking can you afford not to?

As we close this series if you have identified areas where you feel you are becoming irrelevant I would love to talk with you in more detail about where you are at and share with you some potential tips that can help you make a significant impact on this. Please reach out to me at sbrown@focalpointcoaching to schedule time.

I hope you have found this series as engaging and insightful as I did in researching and posting.

Monday is just a few hours away. Will you be relevant tomorrow? That choice is up to you!


1.) Gallup, Inc. (n.d.). How Millennials Want to Work and Live. Retrieved August 19, 2018, from


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