Relevant Today to Irrelevant Tomorrow - Part 6

Welcome back to the next part of this series. Our topic today focuses speed and frequency and we are not talking about doing things illegally. What we are talking about is communicating with your team.

Gallup studies, as well as many other sources, continue to point out the speed and frequency at which you communicate with your staff have a direct impact on their engagement, and in reality, whether they will be around in a year. Let me start by asking a couple of questions.

1.) Do you talk to your staff more than 1x per week?

2.) Do you talk to your staff about things beyond work?

3.) Do you talk to your staff about how they are doing and the steps to help continue to develop and elevate their performance?

4.) Do you use multiple methods of communication (meeting, verbal, e-mail, text)?

In my performance management training program, "Trajectory" we focus specifically on this and talk about ways in which we can change our model. Yes, it does require more time on the managers part to invest in their employees but what does it cost you when a good employee leaves or productivity numbers are low? Which one would you rather spend your time on? It is also amazing that once you start this process, you begin to see and reap the rewards. However, you have to take the first step.

The reality is if you are only talking to employees about work during review time you are missing a large opportunity to help engage your workforce and in turn reduce stress, turnover and increase productivity. Another way to look at it is the process of cultivating communication. If you are still using the old model, maybe it is time for an upgrade. If you could reduce your employee turnover by 1, 2, 3 or more percent just by increasing communication with your team, wouldn't you?

If increasing your employee engagement and changing the "Trajectory" of your performance management processes is a topic for you, please reach out to me so we can discuss how the motto "a little goes a long way" can help.

With Gallup studies showing that over 50% of the next generation are planning to be at a new place next year, will they be leaving you, or coming to you? The choice is yours!


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