Relevant Today to Irrelevant Tomorrow - Part 4

Welcome back to the next part of this series. Our topic today focuses on the onboarding process. How effective (not efficient) is your onboarding process? Let's measure it this way.

On a scale from 1-10 (1 being no, 10 being 100%)

1.) Do you share the mission/vision/values of your company with new hires and help them see how their job directly impacts this?

2.) Do hiring managers meet with new employees on day 1 and lay out the onboarding plan?

3.) When the new staff member arrives at their work station/desk for the first time, does it look like you were ready for them? I.E., PC in place, their work station is ready, staff know that the new employee is coming and know their name)

4.) Do you have a buddy assigned to be with them during their first week to help them connect to the team and the company?

5.) Does the manager follow-up closely over the first few days and then at the end of the first week to help ensure proper onboarding for the new employee?

Having developed, managed and executed numerous onboarding programs I am always amazed at the number of times a new employee gets thrown to the production floor without anyone knowing they are coming or gets to clear and clean the desk/cube that will now be called their home. (Does anyone know where are the wipes and disinfectant is? This was not part of my new hire orientation). You just spent how much to find, interview, background check, drug check, process all their paperwork and this is how they get treated? Imagine how they feel. I will tell you how they feel, like an afterthought and maybe a little irrelevant.

The reality is most people are excited to start a new job and want to connect with their manager, team and ultimately their new role. Depending on the generation we are talking about it just amplifies the five questions I asked above. This like buying a new car and then getting a scratch and dent in that new ride on the very first day. Still a new car, all except for that spot there (which is all you can see).

I want to share some tips I used to help make the onboarding process smooth.

1.) Build an onboarding timeline. If you have to order PC's, supplies, network access, etc. work with the appropriate groups and build the timeline and document it. 4 weeks out do this, 3 weeks out do this, 1 week out do this, the day before they arrive do this. Your goal is that day one they are set-up and ready for success.

2.) Make sure the team knows the new employee is coming. Give them a heads up about the role and how they are going to fit in. Nothing goes over better than someone asking the new employee what they are going to be doing and they either say "I don't know" or say something that makes you blurt out "I didn't know that".

3.) Have their first week planned out, scheduled, etc. in a hard copy for them to see. Want to impress them? Let them log in (on the first day as you did all of that prior to them arriving) and see they have e-mails and meetings scheduled to help them onboard. As people start their onboard they are able to access everything, see everything and actually get to start making an impact.

4.) Closeout with them as the manager on the first few days and then meet with them after the end of the first week. Ask open-ended questions, look for gaps or opportunities as well as wins. Ask about the plans for next week, etc and ensure that when they show back up to work the next week they are ready to go.

If you would like to discuss more about how to improve your onboarding process please feel free to connect with me at so we can schedule a time to talk. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

What day one impression will you leave?


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