Relevant Today to Irrelevant Tomorrow

Welcome to the new series on being relevant. It has been a bit since posting but I have been doing some exciting work with performance management systems over the past few months. With this and other work, I wanted to begin to share with you some of the insights I have to help you make an impact.

I titled this series "Relevant Today to Irrelevant Tomorrow" because if organizations don't look at this topic, the end result moves from just the title of a series to a very real, and sometimes fatal reality. So let's start by defining relevant.

To be relevant means, as defined by Webster, to have a significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand. In this session, I am going to break down three key points to evaluate.

1.) Significant and demonstrable bearing: This is not a small statement, not a focus on something minuscule. Instead, it focuses on something important and big. It is beyond just being important as it also requires you to demonstrate it AND it an impact.

2.) On the matter at hand: This is focused on the current state and focused on a specific point that is here and now.

3.) Is your business relevant? Well, you may respond with answers like "Yes", "Absolutely", "Sure", "I think so", "I am not sure" or some other phrase. Well, I bet at some point Blockbuster Video, Beta manufacturers, Laser Disk, Blackberry, and many other companies all said yes. So if they were relevant, what changed?

Well, that is the exciting part. Lots of things did. Their markets changed, their processes changed, their employees changed, their consumers changed, their competitors changed. The end result is the tide shifted and they were not successful in either seeing the change, anticipating the change or acting on it. The result was that they were relevant then, and irrelevant today. Don't believe me, watch how many people ask what "Blockbuster" is after seeing the upcoming "Captain Marvel" Movie.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share with you a series of topics about being relevant. We will explore multiple areas of a business and in turn work through ways help ensure your relevance today, tomorrow and for the years to come.


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