It's all about A.D.L.I. What does "A" stand for?

Breaking Down A.D.L.I. (Approach, Deployment, Learning, Integration)

So, you want to make a change to get things moving in the New Year in 2018. That is great to hear.

So, how are you going to do it?

As with any plan, project or undertaking the plan is the key to success. This week I would like to break down a bit about how to take a look at your project no matter the size.
Let's start with "A" in A.D.L.I., or better known as "Approach."

Now, back to my original question, "How are you going to make your change?" Here are a couple of key questions to consider.
1.) What is the driving factor to make the change? Do you see shifts (big or small) in your market? Is performance not where you expected (either flat or declining)? Are you entering a new market? Are you exiting a market? Simply put, is there a discomfort, problem or need that is making you take this change?
2.) Where are you? By this, do you have a baseline of your "current condition"? Knowing where you are, and having all the data to establish where you are at is critical to any journey. Have you ever started a trip off before your GPS knew exactly where you were at? If so, you know it takes a bit to sync up with the satellites, and once it does you could find yourself way off from where you thought you were.
3.) Where are you going? Do you see, or have a vision for a "future state"? If not, you could be taking a Sunday drive and end up spending valuable time and resources for a moving target. As with our GPS example, once it knows where you are, the device is excellent at telling you where you are. However, if you don't tell it precisely where you are going, you could end up anywhere and know exactly where you are, but probably not where you need to be.
4.) What are the steps you are going to take to get there? Can it be done with one simple change, or will it require a significant amount of resources (time, personnel, financial)? Developing a plan (i.e., the what is needed and when it is needed by) that is detailed enough to manage the project will help get you off to the right start.

Next week we will break down the "D" in A.D.L.I. Better known as Deployment.


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