Impact Minute: No Status Quo​

Welcome to the new series entitled "Impact Minute". This is a quick session designed to give you one thing to make an impact on your ability as a leader. I share these from discussions, readings and opportunities I encounter to help make you make an impact as a leader.

Today's Impact Minute:
Status quo is not what it seems. Just because things are going well doesn't mean they can't be better. Baldrige based organizations, as well as many of the quality systems, look for continual improvement and focus on cycles of learning. In fact, your competitors are doing the same thing now, trying to figure out how to differentiate, innovate and improve to surpass you and will at some point succeed.

Even if things are going well ask yourself and your team:

"What is one thing we can do better today to improve our business and if we did what would the impact be?"

Impact Moment:
Challenge yourself and your team to think and work daily to improve at least 1 thing then leverage this to build long-term improvement. Cultivate innovation in yourself and with your team to maximize the impact you can have as individuals on your team and your organization.

The opportunities are there, go get them!


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