Impact Minute: Delegation

Impact Minute: Delegation

Today's Impact Minute:
Ever take a minute to think how well you delegate or how well you are delegated to? Ever take a moment to consider the financial impact it has on your organization when delegation is done poorly?

Delegation is one of the skills I work with clients on. Delegation is not saying "Just Do It" but is a systematic process of working with your team to enable them to be successful when taking on new responsibilities. It is also a great way to empower your team, engage your resources to maximize the efficiency and output of an organization.

When delegating make sure you fully delegate, don't just practice "over the wall" delegation. When you are delegated to, make sure you have all the facts, and expectations before leaving. If you don't ask questions

Impact Moment:
Take time today to look at the delegation process in your company. Score each time you delegate a task to your staff that is unclear or that is delegated to you that is unclear. Assume that each time this happens it just cost the employee and the manager a minimum of 15 minutes each (a conservative number if you think how long some people can spend trying to research topics or find information). If you put a per hour rate on this, what did that just cost you (at a minimum)?

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Delegation impacts the bottom line. Can you afford not to improve it?


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