Career Planning - Session 2

Welcome back to my three part series on personal career planning.

To recap, yesterday you went through and defined where you were at and where you wanted to go. This could range from continuing to do what you do today but being more efficient all the way to CEO.

Today's session will focus on the next step. Reviewing the gaps and starting to define the next steps. I also want to establish a few rules for today's activity.

1.) You must assume the role of CEO of "You Inc.". Another way of saying this is that it is up to you to own your career development and growth. No one else is going to do this for you. Your company can provide time and resources but they may not be focused to get you where you want to be in the next 3-5 years. Own "YOUR" career development!

2.) There are barriers beyond just gaining a new skill. These can include getting a degree, certification or other formal requirements that are needed to have this position. If you identify this as part of your gaps we will address that. If you know that it is a requirement and you didn't list it, please add it now. Understand that there will be cost and time associated with this and be aware of the resources required to achieve this requirement

3.) Before proceeding, do a bit of research in each of the jobs you listed to make sure this is something you really want to do. I recommend talking with people who are in this role and getting their real-world view of the position. Consider salary potential, where you can and could live in this job as well as opportunities to develop and grow.

With all of this said, look across the gaps you identified across your 3 jobs and see if there are commonalities. They may not be 100% identical but if they are close then put them together. Continue to do this until all of the commonalities have been identified. The reason I do this is that if you focus on just one specific job and get all of those skills but decide later on to shift your career you may have spent time learning something that is no longer relevant. Identifying commonalities allows you to work across multiple jobs and develop skills that are more flexible should you decide to change career plans in the future.

Finally, take the job that you really want and pull the top two gaps for this job and add it to the list.

Tomorrow, in our last session, we will focus on putting this into a timeline and action plan.


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