Career Planning - Session 1

Welcome to my three part series on personal career planning. I have done this multiple times with staff through the years and refined it to a point that it has become a simple, yet effective tool for career planning. The purpose of this is to help identify where you want to go, define gaps in your skillsets and then help you develop a plan to close the gaps and increase your chances of success. So with that, let's establish a few ground rules.

Ground-rule 1: There are no guarantees. Be aware that despite everything you may work to do, there is no guarantee that completing the task will get you the job you want. What it will do, is put you on a path to help give you an edge during the interview to showcase your drive, determination and focus that you want the job and that you are up to the challenge.

Ground-rule 2: Timeframes may shift. Sometimes they come faster than we expect or are delayed beyond what you expect.

Ground-rule 3: The position you desire to be in can range from continuing to do what you currently do but just doing it more effective all the way to CEO. There is no right or wrong answer here.

Let's get started. Today's exercise may be simple or one of the hardest things you have done in your life.

Step 1.) Define where you are today and what job you have. This is the easy one!

Step 2.) Define where you want to be in 3-5 years and pick 2-3 different jobs you want to have. I want you to be somewhat specific in this and avoid saying "accountant, engineer" or some other generic term. Get focused on the role you want.

Step 3.) Now, imagine that you were just put into that role effectively "NOW". No prep, no chance to study or get warmed up to play. Oh, and by the way, your boss wants an update on all the projects and activities you are responsible in this new role.

I ask this because I want you to think of the gaps you have from where you are at "NOW" and where you could be in 6-12 months if you had time to prep. For each of the jobs write down 4-6 key skills or experience you wish you would have been able to prepare for before being dropped into this role.

Tomorrow, we will focus on the next step and start developing our timeline.


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